Scale up your business with agile operations at lowest inventory levels and just in time operations at all levels

Corporate and Plants

  • Business analytics and dashboards for decision support
  • Sales, Distribution and Supply Chain operations
  • Track multiple plants productivity, inventory and performance

Sales Forcasting and Planning

  • Manage sales thorugh multiple channels - Direct, Retail & High Volume Consumers
  • Sales forcasting based on multiple parameters
  • Plan to ensure FG availability for no loss of sales or excess inventory

Depot, Wholesalers and Distributors

  • Distribute products with multiple depots, wholesales and distributors
  • Real time collaboration for minimum inventory in distribution network

Retail Sales - Unorganized and Organized

  • Mobile app for retailers to deal with multiple product manufacturers, their depots, distributors for orders and receipts
  • Retailer perfromance monitoring by sales in realtime

High Volume Consumers

  • High Volume Consumers
  • Order management framework for procurement from manufacturers

Production Plan and Manufacturing Operations

  • Monthly plan with daily fine tuning based on distribution requirements
  • Collaborate upstream for distibution and downstream for supply chain

Plant Quality, Productivity and Maintenance

  • Supplier Quality, Inplant Quality and Product Quality
  • Asset availabilty and productivity with lean manufacturing methods

Risks and Compliances - Distribution, In Plant and Supply Chain

  • Paperless audit plan, execution and non conformities resolution framework
  • Proactive compliances management - One time and Periodical

Supplier Scheduling and ASN

  • Supplier Scheduling and ASN
  • Advance shipment notifications for shipment tracking

Finished Goods to Raw Material Traceability

  • Trace raw material in every finished good produced with QR codes
  • Multiple batches of ingradients / raw material / parts can be traced

Concern Management and Change Management

  • Concern resolution framework for customer concerns, inplant concerns and supply chain concerns.
  • Concern resolution framework for customer concerns, inplant concerns and supply chain concerns.

Layered Audit System and Daily Work Management

  • Daily work management framework for team members at all levels
  • Daily process checks and complainces for proactive management

Continuous Improvements

  • KPI Matrix at Organization, Functional and then Process & Individual level
  • Peridocal KPI benchmarking for improvement opportunities
  • PDCA based improvement management with Kaizen, CAPA and Pokayoke
  • Improvement projects and tasks management
  • Ideas Management framework for employees creativity unleasing

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