Productivity Cloud

  • Cycle times for Setups

  • Daily Production

  • Losses Analysis

  • OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Machine / Operator Wise Production

  • Productivity Monitoring

For driving growth using available infrastructure is the biggest challenge to have optimum operational efficiency. For manufacturing units, the pressures on Quality, Cost and Delivery are very high. Every customer wants products of the best quality, at a competitive cost and at the shortest delivery time.

Properly maintained and always available production process without much stoppages will allow manufacturers to make products as per the demands of multiple products mixes and required quantity at the required time.

Your production process can be more responsive to customers' demand and yet at the best efficiency with minimum losses.

Identification of weak area for improvements by regular OEE – Overall Equipment Efficiency and periodical losses analysis is very useful for planning the corrective actions and maintaining the highest efficiency in operations. Dashboards with advanced analytics and real time alerts provides a framework for proactive timely actions and precise data for management in decision support.

What To Expect

  • Product Master with Cycle Times
  • Create a manufactured products master with details of setups required for manufacturing. Then assign cycle to each setup equipment wise because one product setup may have different cycle times on different machines based on machine capability.

  • MIS and Analytics

  • Daily Production

  • OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Machine / Operator Wise Productivity

  • Production Process Losses Analysis
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