Affordable and Sustainable IIOT for Manufacturers


RIYO Connect Industrial IOT Platform for digitalization of manufacturing operations

Connect your machines, Legacy as well as advanced CNC machines, to cloud and enable real time data visibility on desktop computers as well as on mobile phones with easy to deploy yet affordable and sustainable IoT platform for MSME manufacturers.

Legacy machines to Advanced CNC Machine Connectivity

Connect your legacy machines to advanced CNC to cloud for true digitalization at affordable investment. One common device to get real time data for all types of machines reduces variation and improves maintainability

Installation and Data Visibility in 1 Day

Such is the simple and deskilled installation of the device that completed machine connectivity and data visibility on one day

Production and Maintenance Data

Automate production data and production process losses, OEE calculation, Breakdowns etc. We do not monitor machine health parameters currently.

RIYO Mobile app for Machine to Mobile Connectivity

RIYO mobile app is available on Google Play Store, that provide visibility of your plant on your mobile device with real time notifications and

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