Daily Work / Deviations Management


Daily Work / Deviations management of teams at all levels will reduce operational losses by 30 % by solving problems when they are in infant stages

Effective daily management helps in highlighting issues when they are in nascent stage and timely corrective action will avoid possibility of them converting to a larger issues with higher impact.

After all we have been taught - A stich in time saves nine.

Plan Daily Tasks of Team at all levels

Plan activities for daily tasks, daily processes monitoring and daily compliances with optional enforcement of time and location for task completion.

Enforce time and location

Many activities need to be completed at a specified time and on a specified location. Specify the time and location requirements while creating activity sheets.

Defaults Management

Track defaults on daily work or deviation by team, departments and also monitor time and location defaults.

Non Conformities tracking and resolution

Track resolution of non conformities in a structured manner. Any default that is recorded on 2 consecutive days is treated as non conformity and tracked for resolution.

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