OpExWorks is pleased to associate with like-minded people who believe in coming together for achieving common goal with the sole objective of adding value and creating a world class user experience to our end clients in technology adoption and transformation to Industry 4.0. We are looking to associate with channel partners across all geographies.

What we are looking for

  • An individual or an organization associated with manufacturing
  • Good connect with manufacturing companies in your geography
  • Knowledge and understanding of manufacturing process, practices, guidelines and standards
  • 5 to 10 years of experience of working in manufacturing domain

What we shall provide

  • Product knowledge and training
  • A complete hand holding experience
  • Assistance on onboarding of a potential client
  • Engaging Content and good connect with ecosystem on social media

What we expect

  • Create a connect with potential clients in your geography
  • Understanding requirements and offering solutions
  • Handholding and world class experience to client during onboarding process
  • Earn referrals from clients

What we assure you

  • Long term association
  • Connect with great companies
  • No interference in your other engagements with clients
  • Assured and growing revenue stream
  • Great potential for scaling higher

Express Interest

If you or your company is interested in associating with OpExWorks, then please share details below


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