Supply Chain Risks Management


Proactive supply chain risks management with effective audits and compliances framework

Simple and effective framework for risk elimination framework in supply chain to ensure smooth sustenance of required Product, Process and System specifications given to suppliers through audit process and compliances digitalization. All in real time and in paperless mode.

End to End solution - Audit Plan to NC Resolution

Closed loop & end solution for Audit Plan & Execution, NC Recording, Corrective action plan, NC resolution with evidence with deep analytics for proactive risks mitigation.

Compliances for Product, Process and System

Compliance management framework for Product, Process and System related compliances by suppliers.

Technical Compliances

Track suppliers technical one time and repeating compliances management with proactive framework to avoid non conformities.

Non Conformities tracking and resolution

Single window dashboard for tracking resolution of all suppliers non conformities with alerts for events due and over due.

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