Solving Onboarding problem for Engineers in Manufacturing

Industry's Challenges

  • Engineers have no knowledge of industry requirements and needs training
  • High attrition rate and not willing to invest on training
  • Longer period for engineers to be effective for the organization

Engineer's Challenges

  • No knowledge of fast changing manufacturing ecosystem
  • No access to resources to align with industry requirements
  • Industries are not willing to invest on training due to high attrition rates

Manufacturing ecosystem is driven by standards, governed by practices and is very dynamic. It is impossible for institutes to align with these fast-changing requirements. Organizations must add value to these engineers to align them to industry’s specific requirements

What we do ?

OpExWorks transform manufacturing
companies for DIGITAL, LEAN and GREEN
transformation through

  • Enabling teams with required learnings
  • System deployment with software

OpExWorks as on date supports 500+ manufacturing companies and the number is increasing every year

Transformation Framework


Digital operations management
framework for Quality, Production and


Daily work management framework for


PDCA based continuous improvement
framework for problem solving in
operations and getting higher outcomes
from available resources and processes


Deployment of framework for EHS and ESG framework and compliance

Creating a WIN - WIN for all stake holders

Engineers, Institutes, and Industries

As the courses are designed by Industry experts and meets the industry requirements, Industries will be able to transform the fresh engineers as per their needs.

Ecosystem Partners

OpExWorks Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

OpExWorks Solutions is providing Information technology support to organizations in their Operational Excellence and Sustainable Growth Journey. At OpExWorks, we provide a complete set of solutions for all sizes Manufacturing units -Large, Medium, and Small.

With OpExWorks Solutions, you achieve Implementation of best practices in operations for QUALITY, PRODUCTION AND MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT well supported with a continuous improvement culture and capability building for meeting the challenges of modern business environment.

Aviyan Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Aviyan is working to make self-learning simple and effective. With highly dynamic business ecosystems driven by emerging technologies and modern consumer business requirements, professionals require varying skills & knowledge to be successful and have a great career.

Aviyan provides solutions to transform teaching into effective self-learning to cope up with this modern requirement of reskilling. Aviyan solutions includes Learidge - Online Courses Platform, Virtual Campus for educational institutes & business organizations and solutions for continuous assessments.

  • www.opexworks.com
  • Phone : +91 8380069535
  • www.avyls.com
  • E Mail : snehal@learidge.com

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