Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Supplier Quality, Supplier Process Monitoring, Risks & Compliances in Supply Chain and New Products Development

World’s 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer and largest 3 wheeler manufacturer and exporting 2/3 wheelers to 70 countries globally.

BAL have achieved a completely paperless collaboration between BAL, their Tier I and Tier II suppliers for concern resolution management, child parts incoming inspection with online PDI submission by component manufacturers, PPM tracking of suppliers, Supplier audit process and compliance management and New products development.

RIYO software suite deployed at 300 + Tier II SME component manufacturers helps them by creating a framework of operations management for Quality, Productivity and Maintenance management adhering to international standards and practices.

T1 Automotive Manufacturers

Supplier Quality, Concern Resolution Tracking, Risks and Compliances in supply chain

T1 automotive assemblies manufacturing companies collaborate with customers on one side and component manufacturers on other side, hence have huge collaboration requirements with multiple stake holders.

Collaborating with suppliers for supplier quality improvement and supplier improvement was a challenge. Achieved a completely paperless collaboration with suppliers for incoming child part inspection, supplier PPM tracking, new products development and day to day coordination relating to concerns, their analysis and resolution with continuous improvement activities.

Transformed the activities from reactive to proactive for supplier excellence resulting in improvement of parts quality, reduced coordination efforts with real time data availability and visibility.

T2 Automotive Component Manufacturers

Operations Digitization and affordable technology adoption

At the lower level of automotive value chain they need to take up digitization of processes, data availability, data visibility and data analytics with deployment of affordable emerging technologies to stay competitive in emerging digital manufacturing ecosystem.

RIYO software suite of OpExWorks provides for digitization of processes relating to Quality Management, Productivity Management and Maintenance management for MSME manufacturing companies. Designed and Developed considering the issues and challenges faced by MSME manufacturers, RIYO platform has enabled affordable technology adoption in several MSME manufacturing companies.

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