Digital Lean Transformation of Manufacturing units

Manufacturing is transforming digitally and traditional focus on only Lean transformation will not yield sustainable results. Application digital technologies to make processes leaner and leaner will be the way forward.

OpExWorks Digital Lean transformation programs deploys the best of both Lean and Digital to achieve sustainable business transformation.

Hand Holding

Onsite and Online assistance for business transformation process

Digital Framework

Digital framework for operations management and continuous improvements


e learning, online learning, webinars and specialized training from experts

Business Assessment

Onsite assessment of business problems in coordination with units

Roadmap with Timeline

Defining a roadmap for transformation goals with time line

Results with Validation

Validation of results achieved against predefined goals for corrections

A complete hand holding experience for manufacturing companies for transforming their businesses for scaling higher with built in robustness & creating a continuously improving organization with best of Lean Manufacturing Methodologies and Digital Technologies

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