OpExWorks for MSME Manufacturing Units

Quality Management System

OpExWorks QMS creates a framework for quality management that ensures all activities of QMS are done proactively. This includes Process Quality, Supplier Quality and Customer Quality.

OpExWorks QMS provide effective management of Quality Issues, Their Root Cause analysis and Improvements for resolution. Inspections and PPM analysis can be done for Incoming, In process and Final products. These modules are well supported by Gauge and Calibration and Quality Planning.

Production Management System

OpExWorks framework for Production & Productivity management create a system that provides stake holders inputs on processes parameters or KPI out comes and losses in process for early corrective measures.

With deep analysis for production process losses and OEE calculation you can achieve optimum efficiency for your manufacturing assets and meet customer’s demands in the product mix required by them, in the quantities required and, on the schedule, required by customers.

Maintenance Management System

Ensuring asset availability to meet customers varying demands can be challenging. OpExWorks framework for maintenance management provides for effective preventive maintenance, breakdown and condition-based maintenance structures.

Important KRA's like MTBF, MTTR and % Downtime with their status & trends maintenance costs are tracked. Equipment history cards provides complete historical data for learning and resource for reducing failures and asset availability costs.

Daily Work Management

Effective daily work management of teams will reduce operational losses by 30 % and provides inputs for early corrective measures on deviation that avoids major issues from taking place.

OpExWorks framework for daily work management will help companies in monitoring defaults on tasks, process parameters and compliances to keep business operations running as planned and as per specification. Any defaults arising can be handled proactively. With the mobile app provided the DWM becomes even more simple for the team members as the required data can be entered on time and at the location.

Continuous Improvement

Standardization to create flow and using a PDCA framework for improvement will ensure the businesses scale higher.

Effective problem-solving framework that highlights the problems and provide a roadmap for resolution is important. Enriched with features like KPI matrix, Customer concerns tracking and something going wrong can provide continuous flow of opportunities for improvements. These improvements are managed in PDCA framework for achieving desired outcomes in multiple PDCA and SDCA cycles.

Affordable Industrial IoT

Manufacturing is transforming and digitalization is new mantra for success. OpExWorks collaborates with multiple automation partners to connect your machines to cloud for real time updates on Production, Production Process, Stoppages and Calculation of OEE.

Our automation partners complete the necessary work on the shop floor with Sensors, PLC's and on-site devices installation & configuration. OpExWorks provide the robust cloud solution for Data Availability, Data Visibility and Deep Analytics with real time alerts and notifications.

Our RIYO mobile app for Google Play store provides manufacturing companies with Machine to Mobile connectivity.

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