Success Story Bajaj Auto Limited

  • Leading 2 / 3 wheeler maker
  • World’s 3rd largest 2 Wheeler maker
  • World’s largest 3 wheeler maker
  • World's favorite Indian - Presence in 72 countries

It was a general talk between Team OpExWorks and Category head (Press and Weld), Bajaj Auto Ltd., Mr. G. Vijayeswar and Mr. Rajesh Ubale in Materials department around four year ago. Mr. Vijayeswar said “Digitization of activities in supply chain is a priority and very important for futuristics business transformation”, This was a very futuristic thought and as he shared his vision, new framework of supply chain collaboration developed and roadmaps created - Paperless Green Initiative.

Today after 4 years 100+ Tier I suppliers and 300+ Tier II supplier are all collaborating daily on a common platform for activities relating to Concern resolution tracking, Audits, Compliance, New products development, Inspections and online PDI submissions.

Numbers speaks for themselves,

  • 30000+ Audits in supply chain
  • 50000+ Documentary compliances
  • 1.8 Million audit check points tracked
  • 20000+ concern resolution tracked
  • 1.0+ Million PDI submitted online
  • Plant operations - Quality, Productivity and Maintenance

This is being extended to other material categories to cover 100 + T I suppliers & 300 + T II Suppliers

Phenomenal business impact achieved by making all this supply chain collaboration paperless, that includes..

  • Huge reduction of non-value added activities
  • Deskilling of compliances management process
  • Improvement in team productivity
  • Reduction in audits with improved process reliability
  • Advanced analytics and data history
  • Reduction of gap between self-audit and BAL audits
  • Reduction in people movement with reduction in audits
  • Standardization at all suppliers
  • Document traceability and retrieval at will
  • Safe and Secure required data visibility to stake holders

Making an impact on business operations is obvious but if it contributes to sustainability then it is a matter of pride

The most important impact achieved with deployment of these solution was with Sustainability. The overall impact of making this collaboration paperless is saving of 1.30+ Million A4 size paper, their printing, their movement, and storage.

This is equivalent to 150+ trees.

Team Bajaj Auto and Team OpExWorks are feeling proud of their contribution in protecting environment and mother earth.

We will continue to save 1+ tree every week and we are proud of that.

Real contributors to this ongoing success story

and all Tier II components manufacturers

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